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kathleen sabo: News

New Mexico Music Awards Nominations! - April 19, 2011

Once again, I have been honored to be nominated for several New Mexico Music Awards. In the children's category I was nominated for "Lullaby Hey," produced by Larry Mitchell and myself. I've posted a photo montage video accompanying the song at I was also nominated in the New Age category for "My Saving Grace," produced by Larry Mitchell. You can watch a video of a VERY early scratch recording in Larry's studio here: Lastly, I was nominated in the Adult Contemporary category for "This Girl," which I wrote for myself and my daughter Tess. I'll post the song soon.

Long-awaited "Be Love" CD coming soon! - April 18, 2011

OK, this time I mean it! Larry Mitchell and I finished a remastering recently and all that's left is to make a few decisions and make a payment. You can see the cover artwork on my Facebook page, here: I'll do some posting of songs and/or info, soon.

New CD Coming Soon! - May 2, 2010

Hey, y'all, my new CD, "Be Love," is just a few weeks away from being in my possession! Thoughtfully produced by Larry Mitchell in Santa Fe, the CD is a stripped down collection of songs relating to love... almost like a cycle of love. There is an emphasis on vocals, vocals and more vocals. I played all the rhythm guitar and piano and Larry played all the lead guitar. (I still haven't added that skill to my repertoire... and I'm not sure I ever will... especially when larry is available!) I'll add some clips or full songs from the new CD to the music page, so be sure to check it out in the coming days. Hope you like it! Be well...

New Mexico Music Award Nomination - April 29, 2010

I am grateful to have been nominated for my song "Vulturas," in the new age category this year. The title is a made up Spanish word for "vulture." I believe the actual Spanish word for vulture is "buitre" - that just didn't roll off the tongue like "Vulturas"! I had great fun writing and recording and melding this song together. I LOVE using strings, and it was so fun to play my tin whistle that I picked up in Dublin! (Although it did take a bit for me to teach myself the part because I play the tin whistle so seldom...) It is an honor to be nominated... the rest is up to the judges. I'll find out on May 23rd.

New Mexico Music Awards Nominations! - April 22, 2009

Awards are not everything but it IS nice to be recognized by one's peers. And... recognized I am! I received 4 nominations for awards that will be announced at the New Mexico Music Awards (NMMA) banquet on May 17 at the Albuquerque Marriot.

Best New Age Song: "Run," Kathleen Sabo, Writer/Performer/Producer. (Not on "Map of the World.")

Best Novelty/Humorous Song: "Cravings," Kathleen Sabo, Writer/Performer; Larry Mitchell, Producer. (On "Map of the World.")

Best Rock/Adult Contemporary Song: "Hey Jimmy!," Kathleen Sabo, Writer/Performer; Larry Mitchell, Producer. (On "Map of the World.")

Best Pop CD of the Year: "Map of the World," Kathleen Sabo, Writer/Performer; Larry Mitchell, Producer. (On "Map of the World.")

Last year I took home the award in the Novelty/Humorous category for "Buy Local," on my "Map of the World" CD. It was especially gratifying because I didn't expect it and because I produced and engineered the performance myself! I am grateful for the nominations and am hopeful that Larry Mitchell and I will be standing on the stage together come awards night!

NEW WEBSITE! - March 13, 2009

Welcome to! I'm excited to have a dedicated website that I'll look forward to updating frequently. Don't forget to email me at with any questions and/or comments and to sign my guestbook and/or join my email list. I appreciate it and you!

Enjoy the site as it grows!

Be well...


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