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kathleen sabo: Music

Some People

(kathleen sabo)
When your dream lies fallow,
On your soul’s rocky soil,
When your pool of love runs shallow,
And reaching out’s a toil,
When your heart longs for the moment,
Of breaking open wide,
And you feel the pulse and beauty,
Of the dream still tucked inside.

Met him on a Friday,
Strange angel said, “There’s a thousand roads for you,”
Sang a song of time and light and truth,
Subtle message bursting through,
Strong emotion came upon me,
My soul’s journey was at stake,
And I realized the consequence,
Of the choices we don’t make.

You can climb a mountain,
To see the other side,
You can dig a great, big hole,
And bury yourself inside,
Or you can sail the ocean,
Upon the rising tide,
With a dream that lives forever,
And nothing left to hide.

Take a listen to the silence…
That surrounds your beating heart,
Does it speak to you of wonder,
Or a soul that’s torn apart?
Choose that one road in a thousand,
Crying out for your embrace,
Turn around and see the beauty,
Of your newborn, new found face.

Some people climb a mountain,
Just to see the other side,
Some people dig a great, big hole,
And bury themselves inside,
But me, I swim the ocean,
On the newly rising tide,
And my dream will live forever,
I’ll have nothing left to hide.

Live forever,
Live forever…

© 2008 kathleensabo/voiceandverse