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kathleen sabo: Music


(kathleen sabo)
I’m the sugar, in your coffee,
The honey in your tea,
The sweet vanilla icing,
You spoon deliciously.

I’m the want ad, you reply to,
Your own 900 line,
The color in your TV,
Your favorite glass of wine.

I’ve grown accustomed,
To your cravings,
Your wants I do procure,
But if you ever change, baby,
I’ll handle it for sure.

I’ll take the caffeine, from your coffee,
Put the herbs back in your tea,
The sweet vanilla icing,
I’ll hide where you can’t see.

I’ll be the job you’ve always wanted,
Your safe sex concubine,
The books instead of TV,
The only food on which you’ll dine.

I’ll grow accustomed,
To your cravings,
To tofu, sprouts and ghee.

You can change your diet,
I encourage you to try it.
You may sell your car,
Trade in your VCR.
Cut up your credit card,
Grow wheat grass in your yard.
Be as you will be…

But never, no never do…
Without me…

© 1992 kathleensabo/voiceandverse