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kathleen sabo: Bio

Kathleen began writing music at the age of 4, when she composed a blues tune titled, "Kindergarten Dropout." (Eager to disprove the prophecy of that song, Kathleen not only stayed in Kindergarten, but also graduated from elementary school, high school, college and law school!)

Later... at the age of 10, Kathleen pledged to herself to wait until she had "experienced everything that could be experienced in life" to seek full success in music. Now, finally, with a bit more perspective than she had at 10, and with the realization - and hope! - that she will keep experiencing life until the end, Kathleen has teamed with Grammy-winning producer and guitarist Larry Mitchell to present her new CD, "Map of the World," for your listening pleasure.

Kathleen has performed as a solo singer/songwriter in CT, NY, TX, VA and NM; been a member of a NY/CT jazz quintet; a member of a blues band; a member of a new wave band; a member of various duos and trios; sung with a big band; scored a college theater piece; composed for radio, television and film; and worked with children on musical compositions. She has worked as an attorney, a university and law school instructor, a public radio host and producer and a small business owner. She is the mother of two incredible and wondrous beings. She brings all of these influences - having experienced almost everything that could be experienced in life! - to her music.

Listen to the beauty on the surface or dive in to the depths of the lyrics and the passion of the music and Kathleen's delivery. Your reward just may be a deeper empathy for, and appreciation and understanding of yourself, others and the world.